Archangel Enterprises will help you to be more independent

Our team are committed to the promotion of independence for the people using our service. We do not want to create an over reliance on care services and our dedicated team will, where possible look encourage and support our Service Users to complete as many tasks for themselves.

We appreciate that in many cases our care staff are the only opportunity that some Service Users may have for social interaction that day. As a result our team take that contact very seriously and ensure that it is both positive and compassionate. When promoting someone’s independence we do not lose sight of that. Additionally we can help you purchase assistive technology that may help you to remain independent longer.

Our care team would be happy to discuss these options with you. If you would like more information then please contact your local branch.

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What our clients say

"very pleased with the support and the way the service is managed."

Customer A's Father, Nottingham