Our Organisation can provide Support Living services for any level of need. The key to a successful Supported Living service is the choice and control offered to the Service User.

Our services are tailored to the individual’s needs so one service may look completely different to another. We ensure that in delivering these service we continue to place the Service User at the heart of everything we do whilst looking to empower them and genuinely improve the quality of their life.

We follow the 11 REACH Standards which are:

I choose who I live with
I choose where I live
I have my own home
I choose how I am supported
I choose who supports me
I get good support
I choose my friends and relationships
I choose how to be healthy and safe
I choose how I take part in my community
I have the same rights and responsibilities as other citizens
I get help to make changes in my life


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What our clients say

"I've been with Archangel for over a year. I would not choose a different company."

Customer S, Cheshire